Dr. Steve's office will be moving to:

3502 Henderson Blvd. Unit 302
Tampa, Florida 33609

on April 1st


The difference is clear. When you see a psychiatrist, like Steven N. Kanfer, M.D. (Dr. Steve) at the Center for Mental Health in Tampa, Florida, you’re benefiting from both the clinical expertise of a medical doctor and the unique perspective and insight of a psychotherapist. You’re seeing an expert able to view physical and mental illness in an integrated way. And, you’ll receive treatment based on both disciplines. You’ll see the difference Dr. Steve can make for you.


My office is located in South Tampa. Prioritizing your comfort and privacy, I offer my patients a private waiting room. To best serve my patients, I do not limit my practice based on constraints of my patient's medical insurance. This way, I can provide a discrete and private setting without compromise to fulfill insurance guidelines. Of course, you may file claims on your own with your insurance provider and I would be happy to assist you with this process. (See office policies section for detailed information on this topic).

Because I am not constrained by insurance guidelines, I am able to take more time to spend with each patient. My appointments are longer than the community standard: medication check-ups are scheduled for 25 to 30 minutes and psychotherapy appointments are scheduled for 45 to 50 minutes. My scheduled time with you is your time and I am not available to any of my other patients. I do not overbook and I will not "squeeze" another patient into your time slot.